Make Everyone Proud

by DRM2

Karl Malone

Malone Rookie Year photo by Deseret News

Friday night, my favorite NBA player was inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame, Karl Malone. One major reason I loved Karl so much (outside of his awesome pro wrestling career) was his “go out, work and get it done” attitude.

In his speech Friday, the very last thing he said had a solid impact on me.

“It was not about me, it was about trying to do something that made everyone proud.” -Karl Malone

Make everyone proud. What a way to live. Think about how different your life might be if you lived to make everyone around you proud of you, proud to know you, proud to be associated with you. Sometimes I think that we get so caught up in living for our very own legacy, that we don’t care what others think about how we act or behave.

This wasn’t the only nugget in the speech so I thought I would share it with you. Let me know what part you liked best.

Enjoy, -DRM2