The Pursuit of Perfection is Survival

by DRM2

I often marvel at people’s dedication in the pursuit of perfection. I love seeing someone with a true passion, and love for something that they strive to be so perfect at it. Last week, I watched the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi, where an 85 year old man has dedicated his life to perfecting sushi. I happened to have paused the film for a minute right on this quote (being subtitled):

If your sense of taste is lower than that of your customers, how are you going to impress them?

Talk about having a reason to strive for perfection and excellence in your career and business. You strive to increase your skill so that your skill and ability is higher than that of your customers, or else you can’t impress them, and you’ll find yourself slowly without customers. In a subtle sense, the pursuit of perfection is necessary for survival.